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Pool Safety Cover installation in North London

In 2013 Mr Marsh decided an indoor pool would be a welcome addition to his property in North London and as his father was delighted with the pool company that installed and continue to maintain his own pool on a regular basis, Mr Marsh contacted Stewart, M.D. of Purepools in Somerset, to oversee the specification and supply of equipment for the new pool.

It was decided at an early stage that Mr Marsh would project manager the building works himself. He engaged his own labour force and utilised his own engineering skills to draw up plans for every aspect of the build. The 11.5 x 3.8 rectangular pool was constructed using hollow blocks, re-bars and reinforced concrete with an inbuilt spa in one corner. Other specified equipment included an onsite liner, Triton filter, Intel flow variable speed pump, Calorex heater, Ultra violet steriliser, Eurogen feeder for the bromine tablets he intended to use and colour changing LED lights.

An automatic cover was an essential requirement for creating a safe environment and controlling humidity in the pool hall. Stewart contacted Ian MacMath, Sales Director of Dripool Ltd for advice on the best system to fulfil the requirements and budget. It was an obvious choice for Ian to proffer the AutoSafe under coping cover, which would both meet and exceed all requirements.

It soon became apparent, fairly early into the proceedings, that the pool cover would need certain modifications, due to the required position of the pool within the building. Fortunately, as designers and manufacturers, Dripool's in-house team got to work to ensure Mr Mash got the product he desired.

When the cover tracks etc were delivered to site, Ian discussed the proposed system fitting date prompting Mr Marsh to question whether he could install the system himself - The simple answer was, absolutely. The AutoSafe was primarily designed as a D.I.Y. product for the pool industry; In fact, Ian had recently freighted an entire system for fitting by local builders in Nigeria, so there seemed no reason why Mr Marsh couldn't carry out the complete installation himself and with full agreement from PurePools, it was agreed.

The AutoSafe cover system was delivered to site on April 15th 2014 and was operational in no time' giving Mr Marsh complete satisfaction that he had successfully installed the previously unseen equipment.

The AutoSafe cover was supplied in Light Blue 5029 and blends perfectly with the pool lining and tile surrounds. When asked if he would follow the same route again Mr Marsh was emphatic that everything sourced and installed in his pool room, perfectly meets his requirements.


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