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The History of Dripool

In 1985, Dave and Rose Jeffery (the D and R of Dripool) decided a swimming pool would be a good addition to the family property.

However, with three children seemingly bent on mutual destruction and an attraction to water via some unseen, irresistible and as yet, undiscovered force, they had a basic problem. How to keep the children and swimming pool separate without the use of a cage.

They searched the market for a suitable system but were not impressed and being of an inventive turn of mind, they co-opted Ian MacMath (the I of Dripool) and set about designing a universal system to beat all others.

A unique tracking system was soon invented and patents taken out and the following two years were spent developing, engineering and testing - the children of course, being the chief testers!!

Dripool sold their first system in 1987 and haven’t looked back since, with installations throughout the UK from Southampton and some as far afield as Norway, Holland, France, Channel Islands, Ireland and even Nigeria.

Joining Dave, Rose and Ian in their endeavours were both Paul Murphy and Nick Potts who joined the firm in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

Recently, after 30 years of continual commitment to ensure Dripool manufacture, supply and install the very best swimming pool covers available, the three directors decided to take a well earned rest and Paul (Operations Manager) and Nick (National Sales Manager) now run the company on a day to day basis and who better to have as mentors than the company’s founders.

Over the years, Dripool have increased their stable of products to ensure all shapes and types of pool can be safely covered and with well over 100 years combined experience as innovators and market leaders of fully automatic, swimming pool safety covers, you are in very safe hands.

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