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Hello Everyone,

Finally glad to be shielding the screen from the sunlight streaming in whilst writing. One of the first times this year I hasten to add.

The season is well underway and it is interesting to see that enquiries seem to be steadily flowing in, despite all the supposed doom and gloom. A large portion of which are refurbishments which allow Dripool to exercise their skills in covering almost all types and shapes of pool.

Our infinity pool cover also seems to have met a demand for the more discerning customer who seem to be choosing the infinity edged swimming pool more often than ever before. With the addition of the DRIGLIDE Infinity, they can guarantee both aesthetic quality and safety in equal measures.

On a personal level, we now have two new additions to the DRIPOOL family with baby Billy weighing in at 8lb 1oz to proud parents Service Engineer Adam and Dana joining Service Manager Paul and Karen's newborn chap, Ethan James.

That's all for this month folks. Enjoy the weather while you can.

Nick Potts
Sales Manager

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