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Why Dripool?

The decision to build a new swimming pool is certainly one of the biggest projects we will undertake when redeveloping our homes and with so many factors relating to the installation of a new pool, it is very important that we are in command of all the facts from the start.

The most common concerns raised are:

How will I keep it safe?

How will I keep it clean?

How much will it cost to keep it warm?

Fortunately, these concerns are unfounded with a little advanced planning, regardless of the shape and type of pool.

Dripool Ltd are the market leaders of such products and who have been manufacturing and installing fully automatic pool covers, swimming pool safety covers for over 30 years and are currently the UK’s only designers and manufactures.

A single membrane, automatic safety cover is designed specifically to ensure the swimming pool area is completely safe when not in use and can even be walked on, should the need arise, without any adverse effects.

A Dripool cover will also dramatically reduce heat and chemical loss from the pool’s surface whilst attracting Infra red rays from the sun. A true win win situation when considering how to improving cost effectiveness.

Keeping any large mass of water crystal clear can be an extremely labour intensive process   and owning a swimming pool this certainly shouldn't be a chore. A Dripool cover will make the perfect debris cover, completely covering the water surface and catching all forms of detritus including all leaves and insects etc, ready for simple removal before you open the automatic cover and enter your beautifully clean water.

Having supplied nearly 1000 covers throughout the UK, Hampshire, Europe and beyond, we feel uniquely placed to offer our services from inception through to completion and commissioning and by offering a consultative, hand holding approach to both clients and trade customers alike. We offer a smooth, trouble free, welcome addition to any swimming pool.

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