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Dripool Dealer Approval Scheme

Dripool are frequently asked by potential customers to recommend a company to carry out building works in preparation for their new cover system or indeed, many other works related to the swimming pool.

Our dealer approval scheme addresses this requirement. After more than 25 years manufacturing and installing pool covers and liasing with pool installers we decided to employ a quality checking system to ensure our end users get a trouble free, competent installation.

Unfortunately, over the years, we have encountered some very poor workmanship and a bad installation will cause untold problems in the years to come.

Whilst our engineers carry out all mechanical and electrical fitting and commissioning, the preparation civils work is carried out by a third party and needs to be correct to ensure trouble free operation. The construction work is very simple and has been frequently accomplished by competent DIYers. An ability to read a diagram, use a spirit level and tape measure and follow simple instructions is all that is required. We visit all our sites during construction, both to advise the builder and to check the DRIPOOL part of the work. Once a pool company has met the stringent requirements, we are more than happy to not only approve them, but to confidently recommend them to our potential customers.

The Approved Dealer Award means that IN OUR OPINION, based on our past experience and checking system the company is legal, decent, honourable and most of all, competent.

Swimming Pool builders and contractors who have not worked with us before cannot be Approved Dealers but this is not exclusive. Dripool are pleased to work with new companies if instructed by the client and excellent workmanship and attention to detail may involve their enrolment in time.

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